About us

Wish such a site had existed over 30 years ago, when I started as a choir conductor!

Behind this site is a small family business Hyökki Choral Oy (Ltd.) founded in 2022 and I am a second-generation professional choir musician.

I have worked as an artistic director of several choirs – all different types, sizes and levels. In 1991 I founded a male voice ensemble Talla and in 2000 a mixed choir EMO Ensemble. Those and many other fine choirs led me to work nowadays with the world renowned Tapiola Choir and the oldest Finnish speaking choir YL Male Voice Choir, the latter being the original instrument for first choral works of Jean Sibelius.

Through these years I have constantly wondered:
– Why there is not enough information available when looking for new repertoire – not even a proper sample of the work?
– Why is it so expensive to perform choral music from legal sheet music, compared to any other instruments?
– Why just a fraction of the price of scores goes to the composers, arrangers or poets – the real authors of the works?
– Why is the delivery time of sheet music even several weeks?
– Where to store all the piles of paper scores and prevent losing some of them e.g. to singers leaving the choir?

choralworks.fi is our answer to all of these questions. Here you can finally search and find new works suitable for your particular concert themes and all kinds of choirs without knowing or hearing them beforehand. We sincerely hope that this helps both choirs to enrich their repertoire and composers & arrangers to get their ideas – even the freshest ones – on stage!

Sincerely Yours,

Pasi Hyökki